Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Ian rises to the challenge.

Ian Bezuidenhout (in green shirt) surrounded by MSSA umpires.
Ian Bezuidenhout (of VexxedPhoenix) although only appointed in February 2017 as Gauteng Provincial Director proved that he was more than up to the task of organising MSSA's Gauteng Championships.

As Provincial Director, Ian is also the Tournament Director of all provincial  championships held in Gauteng.

With the support of the umpires and MSSA's Management Board, Ian rose to  the challenge.

Team People Really Organised (PRO) head the rankings.

Team People Really Organised (PRO)
The litmus test of any championship remains the seedings of the various teams.
Seedings are absolutely objective and devoid of all sentiment. The points are determined purely on the actual performance of the team.

As such the seeding points earned are an important measure to clubs to take stock, and this in turn improves competitive nature of the various teams.

Four teams benefitted more than most at the Gauteng Provincial Championships. All four teams entered the championships as unseeded and unranked teams, but through skillful play improved beyond expectation. Such teams are:

Team name
Club Start End
PRO 17 PRO 100 540.7
VXP BlaZe 17 VXP 100 411
Spartans A 17 SAHETI 100 315.8
Midstream College 17 MC 100 259.6

The full rankings after the Gauteng Provincial Championships (as at 25 February 2017) are:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
2VXP BlaZe17VXP411
3TERA| Qube16Anteria389.1
4VOID16St Johns349.4
5Spartans A17SAHETI315.8
6VxP Knights16Vexxed Phoenix303.7
9Delta 217All Stars260.9
10flikadawist16DF Malan260
11Midstream College17Midstream College259.6
12DELTA17All Stars200.7
13Rondebosch Boys High15RBHS200
14Phantom Troupe l Branden16Fairmont197.6
15PG – 1815Parklands181.2
16Cryptid Claws17HSW176.2
17Xillir816All Stars165
18Pride16Parktown Boys159.8
20QUANTM16St Conrads150
21PRONHS17Northcliff High141.1
23Fairmont High School15Fairmont125
24SPEARR15St Johns120
27Spartans B17SAHETI114.7
28PBHS red15Pretoria Boys112.5
29HGH16Hoerskool Generaal Hertzog100
30All Stars16ALL STAR100
36Tesseract17Jeppe Boys63.7
37PBHS white15Pretoria Boys56.3
38Maritzburg College16Maritzburg College56.3

Other rankings published by MSSA are:

Monday, 27 February 2017

Adele is inducted as a Provincial Umpire.

Morizane Boyes and Adele Janse van Rensburg
Umpiring is exhausting!

If you do not believe me, just ask anyone who has done it.

The position is not only physically demanding, but also requires a great deal of moral fortitude.

Mind Sports South Africa is thus fortunate to have Adele step up to the plate in order to 'give back' to the sport that she so loves.

Adele has been a loyal member for a couple of years, and believes in the vision that MSSA has for gaming, gamers and the sport as a whole.

Throughout the 34th Gauteng Championships, Adele was seen to be tirelessly performing her duties with a constant smile upon her face.

No task was to large or to small for Adele who proved to be worth her weight in gold.

Adele was heard to remark at the end of the championship, "I never realised that quite so much work went into running these events".

With Adele on board, MSSA is convinced that  it will go from strength to strength.

A new national umpire.

Johan van Breda
The survival and growth of any organisation depends upon the calibre of those who work tirelessly to make the organisation a success.

This is particularly true for volunteer organisations such as Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA).

Fortunately for MSSA there are many gamers who feel the need to 'put back' into gaming.

One such person is Johan van Breda.

Johan rose to fame in 2016 when he was selected to represent South Africa in the Protea League of Legends team.

The team participated in IeSF's 8th World Championships in Jakarta, where the team helped South Africa to earn a ranking of 14th in the world.

In a bid to further develop the South African gaming scene, Johan has volunteered to also umpire in order to introduce gamers to the standard that the players will find at international competition.

It  is largely due to the likes of Johan that MSSA is growing in leaps and bounds.

Results of MSSA's 2017 Gauteng Provincial Championships - 25 & 26 February 2017

St Stithians - the 2017 Gauteng Champions for League of Legends.
The Gauteng Provincial Championships have always been viewed as one of the most important championships leading up to MSSA's National Team Trials with the championships being the fourth last championship in which players may qualify for such Trials.

MSSA's 34th Gauteng Provincial Championships were more than ably hosted by Jeppe High School for Boys. The learners at the school showed sportsmanship of the highest order, and were kind and courteous to all the officials and players alike. 

It was pleasing to see that the championship attracted players from the Free State, Gauteng, North West, Mpumulanga and Western Cape, although the most inspiring aspect of the championships was the number of school teams that participated.

Not only was there a huge increase in the number of school teams that participated, but MSSA's belief in promoting school teams seems to be bearing fruit as the school teams totally upset the status quo by winning more periods than ever before.

Out of a total of 16 premier titles, 10 of such were won by learners.

The senior teams had to fight long and hard against the much improved school teams that challenged the senior teams at every turn as they fought for a place in the 2017 National Team Trials that will ultimately deliver a team to the IeSF's 2017 9th World Championships.

Special mention must be made of Fakkel School, HoĆ«rskool Wonderboom, Northcliff High School, SAHETI, and St Stithians. Such schools showed that they could take on the best, and delivered sterling results.

The improved depth in the standard of play bodes well for the future of all of South African gaming.

The winners of MSSA's 34th Gauteng Provincial Championships are:

Title Name of player/team Club Colours awarded
Ancients (DBM) (female) Anja Els Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club Provincial
Ancients (DBM) Sean Barry Uplands College
CounterStrike: GO (female) WolfPackxX Knights Mind Sports Club Provincial
CounterStrike: GO PRO PRO
CounterStrike: GO (High School) Spartans B SAHETI High School provincial
DotA 2 PotM Bottom PotM Bottom
DotA 2 (High School) Pr0NHS Northcliff High School
FIFA '17 (female) Robyn Gertzen Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club Provincial
FIFA '17 Xolisa Monakali Knights Mind Sports Club
FIFA '17 (High School) Joshua Williams Pr0NHS
League of Legends St Stithians St Stithians
League of Legends (High School) [PRIDE] Parktown Boys
Mortal Kombat X (female) Robyn Gertzen Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club
Mortal Kombat X Aidan Chaplin & Connor Chaplin Northcliff High School Provincial
Mortal Kombat X (High School) Logan Ortner Northcliff High School
StarCraft II Edwin Williams 3DE Provincial
StarCraft II (High School) Aidan Smale Old Edwardian Wargames Club
Street Fighter V (female) Leone Loftus Fakkel School Provincial
Street Fighter V Alasdair Donaldson Knights Mind Sports Club Provincial
Tekken Tag Tournament II (female) Kaitlyn Creighton Masters of Mind Sports Provincial
Tekken Tag Tournament II (female High School) Leone Loftus Fakkel School
Tekken Tag Tournament II Gawie Fick Fakkel School Provincial
Tekken Tag Tournament II  (High School) Aidan Chaplin Northcliff High School
VainGlory Pr0NHS Northcliff High School Provincial

The next event is MSSA's 21st NORTH WEST Championships which is hosted by Curro Klerksdorp,
22 Elm St, Klerksdorp on 25 & 26 March 2017.

Photographs of MSSA's Gauteng Championships may be found on: 

OFM interviews Colin Webster

Here is a link to the podcast:

Friday, 24 February 2017

MSSA committed to international competition.

MSSA's Colin Webster as a panelist at the Global E-Sports Executive Summit in China.
While organisations come-and-go, and some private organisations seem to be fickle in offering competitions to only dash the hopes of gamers upon the rocks by not remaining constant, IeSF and MSSA remain true to their membership and offer championships year-in-and-year-out.

With Africa being replaced by Brazil (which in itself is understandable as Brazil has a larger gaming community), gamers in South Africa should now realise that events driven by private profit-making organisations have their own agenda which is mainly about profit.

Non-profit organisations like IeSF and MSSA have a very different approach.

For such non-profit organisations, while it  is important to break-even if not make a profit, the main concern is growth and development.

Thus IeSF has, against all odds run its World Championships consistently since 2009 making it one of the oldest events in the gaming calendar.

Year Title Location
2009 IeSF Challenge TaebaekSouth Korea
2010 IeSF Grand Final Daegu, South Korea
2011 IeSF World Championship Andong, South Korea
2012 IeSF World Championship Cheonan, South Korea
2013 IeSF World Championship BucharestRomania
2014 e-Sports World Championship BakuAzerbaijan
2015 e-Sports World Championship SeoulSouth Korea
2016 e-Sports World Championship JakartaIndonesia

MSSA too strives to develop and grow gaming at every level.

As a result, MSSA is utterly committed to participating in international competition.

Instead of hand-picking teams, players qualify for National Team Trials in a transparent system in order to deliver an annual national Protea Team.

It is therefore not surprising that through MSSA that 133 eSports athletes have received National Colours.

Will you be one of them?

The  numbers of players that have officially represented South Africa in eSports are:

Year# of National Players (overseas)# of National players (Test Match in SA)# of National Players (online test matches)Annual total
20124 (1)0913
20115 (2)005
20055 (3)005

  1. Gabriela Isaacs won silver at IeSF's 4th World Championships - Cheonan.
  2. Jaco Engelbrecht won silver at IeSA - Jeju.
  3. Logan Brooke-Smith won gold at World Cyber Games.