Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Origin of the clan 'VexxedPhoenix'

VexxedPhoenix; the Clan of Believers.

Dreams were created amongst the sight of the best, all taking place in the life of a gamer. 

During a casual game of League of Legends, the two Owners; Ian Bezuidenhout and Nastasja Bezuidenhout were fooling around, discussing the possibilities of professional clans and how it could be so amazing if they were part of one.

Combining their ambitious and committed traits, an idea sprung between them thus the start of the clan VexxedPhoenix.

Discussions took place, regarding the implications that this might have on one’s life, yet nothing could stop them, so the dream began its journey. Calling on the friends, suggesting the plan of becoming the best, nothing but joy sprung to the members eyes, and so the teams were formed; with the collection of League of Legends, CounterStrike: Global Offensive, HearthStone, Overwatch and DotA 2 teams, there lay the youth of a Clan; VexxedPhoenix. 

Ideas began shooting from team to team, all relating to the final dream of an individual gamer; to become the best, just with the unique strategy of VexxedPhoenix striving for this dream, as a whole. 

Taking on every task and opportunity on the pathway to the top, only for the clans benefit, never loss. 

Now lay a single group of friends, trying their utter best to reach the top, enduring in the exciting, joyful and ambitious moments; letting these moments circumvent the struggles, and disabilities along the way. Nothing can bring this team down. Once one attempts to bring them down, the team will only shoot right up again. 

The clan also decided to partake in the the mindsport events, Adele Janse van Rensburg will be managing all the necessary tasks for the clan.

by VexxedPhoenix

Monday, 19 September 2016

Jeppe Boys thrashes Sacred Heart in CounterStrike: GO

Team Tesseract (Jeppe Boys)
The most recent result in Mind Sports South Africa's Ladder game in the schools division saw the ever enthusiastic Jeppe Boys team, 'Team Tesseract' take on Sacred Heart's fledgling team.

Team Tesseract is already ranked 17th on the senior CounterStrike: GO ladder, but has yet to be ranked on the school's CounterStrike: GO Ladder.

With Sacred Heart not yet appearing on either esports ladder, both school teams made their debut on the school's CounterStrike: GO Ladder.

The game proved to be fast and furious, with Jeppe not giving any quarter.

The onslaught proved to be to much for Sacred Heart as Jeppe romped home to a 16 : 0 victory.

Even though the schools are now ranked 40th and 41st respectively, they are now both on the ladder and able to challenge teams that are ranked at the most 5 places above themselves.

Thus Jeppe Boys is able to challenge Helpmekaar College, Midstream College, Hoerskool Generaal Hertzog, Fairmont High School, and Maritzburg College for their next game.

The ladder is as follows:

Pos Name of Player year Club
1 Team espera 16 DF Malan
2 RBHS CSGO A 16 Rondebosch Boys
3 PG 18 16 Parklands College
4 PR0NHS 16 Northcliff High School
5 Rondebosch 15 Rondebosch Boys High
6 Fairmont [Psykotik Gaming] 14 FH
7 2nd Team 15 Fairmont High School
8 SJC SPEARR 15 St John's College
9 PRIDE 16 Parktown Boys
10 Spartans 16 SAHETI
11 SJC Carry+4Flashes 16 St John's
12 Crawford Sandton [CCSReaperz] 14 CS
13 Pr0NHS 15 Northcliff High School
14 St John's Entity 14 SJC
15 HTS 15 HTS Witbank
16 PG18 15 Parklands College
17 PG 16 16 Parklands College
18 LHG1 15 King David High School
19 RBHS CSGO B 16 Rondebosch Boys
20 Brandcliff House [Customer Support] 14 BC
21 Mr.Poject 16 Oakhill
22 J4WZ 15 Crawford College Sandton
23 Pandamonium 15 Crawford College Sandton
24 Nemises 15 Helpmekaar College
25 Spartans 15 SAHETI
26 OU812_WEH 15 St Alban's College
27 Hyde Park High School 15 Hyde Park High School
28 SJC Underdogs 15 St John's College
29 St Alban's College 14 SAC
30 Reddam House Waterfall Estate [#REKT] 14 RHW
31 St John's Trust me We Are Good At Something 14 SJC
32 HTS Witbank 14 HTS
33 Linkside High 16 Linkside High
34 SJC Secrecy 15 St John's College
35 EyEZ 15 Helpmekaar College
36 Midstream College [Midstream Reapers] 14 MidC
37 Hoerskool Generaal Hertzog 14 HGH
38 1st Team 15 Fairmont High School
39 MC CS 1 16 Maritzburg College
40 Tesseract 16 Jeppe Boys
41 Sacred Heart 16 Sacred Heart

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Advantages of affiliation: IeSF's Athlete's Commission

Madelaine Leander - Sweden's member  on IeSF's Athlete's Commission
In Advantages of affiliation we looked at the advantages of being affiliated to MSSA, however now we will look at the advantages of being affiliate to the International eSports Federation (IeSF).
The International eSports Federation has the responsibility and duty to manage and to monitor the everyday running of eSports, including for those on the programme, the practical organisation of events during the Games. IeSF also undertakes to supervise the development of athletes at every level. 
IeSF also undertakes to govern esports at world level and ensure the promotion and development of esports. As such IeSF monitors the everyday administration of esports and guarantees the regular organisation of competitions as well as respect for the rules of fair play.
Thus IeSF, as a non-profit organisation, finds itself in the best possible position to cater for the welfare and protection of the athlete.
Organisations run by private companies will always have, as their first priority, the profit of the organisation. Welfare and development of the athlete will  always be secondary, if that.

Thus, the Athlete's  Commission, as set up by IeSF, which is the first such body for eSports, is the only true organisation which is able to protect  the athlete.

IeSF set up its Athlete's Commission at the WCA's sponsored IeSF's Summit held in Shanghai on 31 July 2016.

Since then there has been a flurry of activity from profit making ventures trying to emulate IeSF.

The difference is, IeSF as a non profit body will outlast them all.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

DotA 2 Ladder: Oakhill defeats Jeppe

Friday, 17 November 2016 saw Oakhill College do battle against Jeppe Boys in the DotA 2 ladder.

At the start of the game, 'Mr Project' (Oakhill) was ranked in 17th position whereas 'WYSIWYG' (Jeppe Boys) was ranked in 11th place in South Africa.

In a game that lasted 29.31 minutes, 'Mr Project' demonstrated their dominance in the game.

The end result was that 'Mr Project' won the game 40:2.

Thus 'Mr Project' now is ranked at 11th place on MSSA's senior DotA 2 Ladder, and 'WYSIWYG' is now ranked in 12th place.

The complete rankings are:

Pos Name of Player year Club
1 TMSC Sabotage 14 TMSC
2 Maritzburg College 16 Maritzburg College
3 TMSC|DropZone 15 TMSC
4 BeZerK 15 BzK
6 POPOS (Parklands College) 15 Parklands
7 TMSC 1st team 15 TMSC
8 Some Random Slackers 15 KMSC
9 TribalGaming 16 Fairmont
10 Fish Hoek High School 15 FHHS
11 Mr Project 16 Oakhill
13 Parklands 16 Parklands
15 We Took a Tower! 16 Wits
16 Broken alliance 16 Fairmont
17 Psyduck 15 SJC
18 Bright Sparks 14 HTS
19 MX (Parklands College) 15 PC
20 Tango 15 BNKR
21 BBC 15 TMSC
23 TMSC Rekt (Padrone) 14 TMSC
25 TMSC Sabotage (Ferand) 14 TMSC
26 Kronos Spectrum 15 Fairmont
27 DUC 15 KMSC
29 Makeshift 15 Fairmont
30 Rondebosch 15 RBHS
31 ITZ 15 BNKR
32 Rejects 14 HGH
33 OAK$ 15 OHC
34 Kappa Knights 16 Fairmont
35 APTWE 16 Tuks
36 Team Delta 14 AS
37 MotD' 14 Woeries
38 Flaming Bunnies 16 Fairmont
39 PORAXYSM 16 All Stars
41 NWD (Coolbeesayscool) 14 PR0NHS
42 Grey Warders 14 HTS
43 SPS 15 HTS
44 Silent Tears 14 HTS
45 TMSC 2nd team 15 TMSC
47 Raven Gaming 15 Fairmont

Oakhill's 'Mr Project' in action.