Monday, 26 June 2017

Results: 14th Free State Championships - 24 and 25 June 2017.

Gawie Fick (left)  enjoying a game of Tekken 7 against Leoné Loftus.
Mind Sports South Africa's 14th Free State Provincial Championships were held on 24 and 25 June 2017 and was once again hosted by an ever efficient Fakkel School in Sasolburg. The championship was a fantastic success with entries increasing by 60% over the 2016 numbers. 

This is the second consecutive year that Fakkel School has hosted such championship. The school is thus fast gaining a reputation for becoming the center for gaming in the Free State.

Special thanks must be extended to the school, Mr Henry Colin, all the administrators, umpires, participants and spectators for making a truly memorable event.

It was great to see so many parents come through to watch and encourage their children on to greater heights.

The championship attracted players from Free State,and  Gauteng as players battled it out to earn the title of Free State Champion in the various games on offer, as well as the right to fight for a place in the 2018 National Team Trials that will ultimately deliver the National Protea teams that will compete in various international events.

Now that MSSA has a channel on Tuluntulu, much of the footage filmed at such 14th Free State Championships will be screened on such channel.

History was made at MSSA's 14th Free State Championships when Chanel De Wet (JCS Academ) became the first female to earn Free State Provincial Colours for the game of Checkers. 

Well done Chanel De Wet, we are all proud of you.

The full list of winners is:
Title Name of player/team Club Colours awarded
Checkers (female) Cassandra van Tonder JCS Academy
Checkers Pheelo Humane Fakkel School High School Provincial
Checkers (High School) Neo Mokoena Fakkel School
Checkers (Primary School) Wynand Janse van Rensburg JCS Academy
Counterstrike: GO Masters Masters of Mind Sports Provincial
FIFA '17 Khahliso Malape Fakkel School Provincial
FIFA '17 (High School) Thokozane Matimane Fakkel School
FIFA '17 (Primary School) Franco Janse van Rensburg Masters of Mind Sports
HearthStone Beon Bronthorst and
Christopher Fenton
JCS Academy
Morabaraba (female) Anne-Lee Steyn JCS Academy Provincial
Morabaraba Jarren Smith JCS Academy Provincial
Morabaraba (High School) Xavier Ferreira JCS Academy
Mortal Kombat X (female) Leoné Loftus Fakkel School
Mortal Kombat X Joost Loftus Masters of Mind Sports Provincial
Mortal Kombat X (High School) Phoenix Janse van Vuuren Fakkel School
PES 2017 (female) Angelique Taljaard Fakkel School Provincial
PES 2017 Khahliso Malape Fakkel School Provincial
PES 2017 (High School) Gordon McCormack JCS Academy
StarCraft II Devon Morris Blue Dragon
StarCraft II (Under 24) Chad Schuleman Blue Dragon
Street Fighter V (female) Leoné Loftus Fakkel School
Street Fighter V Joost Loftus Masters of Mind Sports
Street Fighter V (High School) Phoenix Janse van Vuuren Fakkel School
Street Fighter V (Primary School) Gushin de Bruin Fakkel School
Tekken 7 (female) Leoné Loftus Fakkel School
Tekken 7 (female – High School) Kristen Cockeran Fakkel School
Tekken 7 (female – Primary School) Kaitlyn Creighton Masters of Mind Sports
Tekken 7 Gawie Fick Fakkel School Provincial
Tekken 7 (High School) Rynhardt Engelbrecht Fakkel School
Tekken 7 (Primary School) Franco Janse van Rensburg Fakkel School

Saturday, 24 June 2017

How many clubs may a player represent?

Gamers representing their club - SAHETI
Gamers in South Africa are renown for just leaving one club and then going to join another. So much so that in some unaccredited leagues and competitions, it is not unheard of to see certain players changing teams at least three times a year.

This, of course does not happen overseas where strict contractual obligations limit and prohibit such actions.

But how does it work in Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA)?

The basic rules covering transfers is covered in MSSA's Constitution. The Constitution sets the 'ground-rules' for MSSA and is the source document to which all members should turn when in doubt.

According to such constitution, any Registered Player may only be registered as representing one affiliated member at any one time. It is the club that submits the details of the player to MSSA, and it is the club that handles all entries.

Thus, a player may only represent one club at a time, and it is the first club that the player joined.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Entry date announced for MSSA's four term schools' school league - 30 June 2017.

Roedean in action.
Recently Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) Management Board approved (among many other things) the National School Director's (Tyrone green) plans to re-constitute the online inter-school league.

The closing date for entries is: 30 June 2017.

Previously MSSA ran a schools league in which all  schools were included. However, the 3 and 4 terms schools battled at times to  get the matches played due to the fact that holidays and exams would be held at different times. This created a number  of  problems, with the league becoming quite disjointed and  a number of teams having to forfeit their games.

Thus MSSA's Management Board took a hard look at the problem, and agreed to rework the system to take into account the different schools.

Four term schools' school league

1st round - week ending 28 July 2017
2nd round - week ending 4 August 2017
3rd round - week ending 11 August 2017
4th round - week ending 18 August 2017
5th round - week ending 25 August 2017

eSports titles to be played at 2017 School LAN Provincial and National Championships

StarCraft II League of Legends HearthStone Tekken 7
CounterStrike: GO FIFA '17 DotA 2 VainGlory

Schools  may begin to  enter their teams on the allotted Google Drive pages.

Rankings for Free State - Fakkel School on 24 & 25 June 2017

Oh yeah, that's good!
MSSA's 14th MSSA Free State Championships shall be held at Fakkel School, 20 Jan Smuts Ave., Sasolburg, on 24 & 25 June 2017.

The rankings to be used at such championships are:

Ongoing development

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) spends many hours a week in promoting the games of which it is the custodian.

Currently MSSA is in talks with primary schools with the view of setting up clubs to cater for board games, wargames, and esports.

The underlying concept is that the primary schools will be able to create that first impression in the minds of both learners, educators and parents and will then provide the high schools with a steady stream of more exerienced players.

There is no doubt that such a system will much improve the standard of play in South Africa.

Such primary schools will also be able to load their content up on Tuluntulu which will greatly improve the visibility and attractiveness of such schools.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

The position of Gauteng Provincial Director is available.

Unfortunately due  to the pressures of work, Ian Bezuidenhout has had to resign from the position of Gauteng Provincial Director.

Thus the Management Board shall be co-opting a person to hold the position until the Annual General Meeting (AGM) whereat a new Gauteng Provincial Director shall be elected for the two-year term.

Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA's) Management Board therefore requests any and all Registered Players who are interested in being co-opted for the position to ask their clubs to nominate them.

Such nomination must include a short motivation, photograph of candidate, and short CV of her/his achievements in the sporting world. The CV must give preference to administrative matters.

Duties of the Provincial Director include:
  • Provincial Directors are responsible to the Management Board, and will submit monthly reports of their progress.
  • Provincial Directors are empowered to appoint assistant directors but will still be held accountable for such assistant directors.
  • The Provincial Director will be held responsible for the running and organisation of all Provincial competitions and championships.

What happens when a player is suspended?

From time-to-time players may be suspended for having transgressed Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA's) rules which are laid down in the Constitution, Regulations, and various bye-laws.

But what does being suspended mean?

A number of players have, in the past, expressed the view that once they are suspended, membership ceases.

The view expressed above is not true. Only a player  resigning from membership, not renewing membership, or being expelled results in the cessation of membership. 

To be expelled from membership is a big deal, and requires arbitration, disciplinary meetings, and resolutions - all of which must be done in terms of the PROMOTION OF ADMINISTRATIVE JUSTICE ACT 3 OF 2000 (PAJA).

Suspension on the other hand is a corrective measure where the player is allowed to remain a member, but is unable to participate in the affairs of MSSA.

And that can be quite far-reaching, as MSSA's rules read as follows:
While under suspension no affiliated member, Registered Player, Associate Player to whom the suspension applies, will be allowed to take part whatsoever in the affairs of MSSA, or any of its affiliated members.

Should an affiliated member or any Registered or Associate Player be engaged in any of the aforementioned fixtures prior to suspension, then upon suspension such member/player shall be debarred from continuing to be so engaged. 

However, should contraventions not be rectified within three months from the date of suspension, membership will automatically terminate and such registration of such player will also be terminated. 

A full calendar year shall elapse before an application for membership may be submitted or registration forms for such player may be submitted. Such member and/or player remain responsible for all obligations towards MSSA that may be outstanding at the date of termination of membership or registration.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Tuluntulu Overview

Africa is a continent experiencing explosive growth in mobile penetration and usage, driven by the decreasing cost of smartphones / tablets and data. This has driven rapid increases in mobile video consumption.

Tuluntulu has become one of the largest providers of video / mobile content on the African continent, servicing this fast-growing market.

Tuluntulu’s mobile content platform targets audiences in Africa and globally with African-focused content. The application and its underlying technology platform have the following differentiators and attributes:

  • The app is free to download, and free to use i.e. no subscription fee, facilitating maximum demographic reach. Data costs are incurred when connected via mobile networks. 
  • User has the option of choosing high or mid-quality viewing (which lowers data costs). 
  • Mid-quality video is data-light (+/-50MB/hour, as low as R1.50 /hour) – this is at a lower cost than all comparable video services. 
  • There is a wide bouquet of content choice across multiple genres (34 x TV channels and 28 x Radio streams).
  • Content is available globally over Wi-Fi or all mobile operator networks.
  • Tuluntulu is available free on all major app stores for Android or iOS. • Well established in all major African countries, including large audiences in SA, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana. 
  • Unique scalable cloud-based technology and multi-compression delivery streams. 
  • Full customer database with real-time analytics (+-220,000 registrations).
  • Full interactive transactional capability using return path. 
  • Onscreen Twitter-feed interaction with and between individual viewers.
  • Multiple revenue-sharing and co-branding models with content partners.
  • Customer messaging via in-app and out-of-app notifications. 
  • ‘TV remote’ style UI, with user-favourites, most popular and expanded genre presentation.
  • Multiple advertising options – banner, pre-roll, post-roll, branded, sponsorship etc.
  • Streaming system is built on a Video-on-demand foundation, allowing for future VOD options. 
Tuluntulu’s multi-language streaming content includes English, French, German, Hausa, Portuguese, Arabic and Kiswahili. The app has been downloaded over 493,000 times in 154 countries. The most popular territories are South Africa (26%), Nigeria (26%), Ghana (14%), Tanzania (13%) and Kenya (11%).

The cumulative usage numbers since launch (August 2014) are as follows:

  • Over 16,6 million screen views. 
  • Over 3,3 million sessions.
  • Over 493,000 active users / app installs. 
  • Over 85,7% returning users. The platform currently has 41 x 24/7 streaming TV channels:
  • Children (SABC Children). 
  • Comedy (Good4U). 
  • Documentaries (Afridocs).
  • Entertainment (Africa365, 265MaxTV).
  • Education (BrainBoosters, Mindset Africa, Prof M Lester TV, SABC Education, Spark4U, VTC,). 
  • eSports  (MSSA).
  • Fashion (Fleur),
  • Lifestyle & Culture (Africa4U, AfrikTales).
  • Movies (Nolly4U). 
  • Music (Mafrik).
  • News (tNews4U, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle English, Deutsche Welle Arabic, Deutsche Welle German, eNCA (ex RSA), France24 English, France 24 French, France24 Arabic, TV5 Monde (ex RSA), VOA, TRT World, TRT Arabic).
  • Politics (Democracy4U).
  • Public Affairs (BetterLife4U, Health4U). 
  • Shopping (VerimarkTV).
  • Sports (AfricaSport4U, Mandinka, WildTVAfrica).
  • Religion (Hope Africa, Elev8).
  • Travel (AfricanHolidays4U).
Languages (other than English):

  • French – France 24, TV5 Monde. Mandinka. 
  • Arabic – Deutsche Welle, France 24, TRT. 
  • German - Deutsche Welle. 
Tuluntulu has received a number of awards including a Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award VOD 2015, a number of Technology Top 100 awards in (2015 & 2016), Best African App AppsAfrica award 2015, and an MTN App of the Year Finalist award 2015. In addition, Tuluntulu was selected by Unilever Foundry 50 as one of the top 50 startups in the world in 2015, and by Interbrand (global) / Facebook as a global ‘Breakthrough Brand’ in 2016.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Why is the Free State Championship important?

Gamers in action.
MSSA's 14th MSSA Free State Championships shall be held at Fakkel School, 20 Jan Smuts Ave., Sasolburg, on 24 & 25 June 2017.

But why the fuss? What is so important about the Free State championships?

Does not the championship have exactly the same status as other provincial championships?

While the Free State Championships has 
exactly the same status as other provincial championships, it is for that reason that it attains a greater significance.

The reasoning behind the above statement is that the championship counts towards team selection for the 2018 National Team Trials.

As such, it is a good way to get an early qualification, and by doing so, it allows players and/or teams to experiment in order to improve their standard as the pressure to qualify has been removed.

Teams are able, over the year, to get a greater number of players to qualify for 'Trials' in order to improve the depth of talent for 'Trials', and individual gamers are able to use new and different tactics in order to improve their personal game-play.

An early qualification also enables gamers pleanty of time to sort  out their own paperwork, such as ensuring that they have a  valid passport, unabridged birth certificates (if applicable), and so forth.

Not only that, but MSSA's 14th MSSA Free State Championships to be held at Fakkel School, 20 Jan Smuts Ave., Sasolburg, on 24 & 25 June 2017 also enables clubs to generate content for MSSA's Channel on Tuluntulu. Such content will allow the club to offer more to its sponsors, and hopefully attract bigger and better sponsorships.

Many readers already know that the channel is screened 24/7 and has a number of viewers right around the world - even in the heart of gaming - South Korea. 

Monday, 19 June 2017

MSSA's Calendar of Events

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) continues from month-to-month.

Without ceasing the federation holds events astonishing both friend and foe alike.

As a  result, MSSA has received high praise from many of the private operators and from many in the South African sporting fraternity for its dedicated approach to promote the games that it does.

there is not a province that is untouched, and as more-and-more Regional Championships are held, people from many communities that never thought that they would have the opportunity of competing in an official championship now find one right on their doorstep.

2017 Calendar of events

CS:GO, DotA, FIFA, LOL, SC, TTT II, VainGlory
Ancients, Checkers, FIFA ‘17, Morabaraba
Old Edwardian Society, 11 Ninth Ave., Lower Houghton
25 & 26 FEBRUARY
Board games, Card games, eSports, wargames
Jeppe High for Boys, Cnr Roberts Avenue & Good Hope Street, Kensington, Johannesburg
25 & 26 MARCH
Board games, Card games, eSports, wargames
Curro Klerksdorp,
22 Elm St, Klerksdorp
Dota 2,
CounterStrike GO,
League of Legends,
Street Fighter V
29 & 30 APRIL
Free State Provincial School Championships
Board and Figure games
JCS Private Centre
2 Tafelberg Street Vaalpark
29 & 30 APRIL
Gauteng Provincial School Championships
Board and Figure games
Old Edwardian Society, 11 Ninth Avenue, Lower Houghton, Johannesburg
29 & 30 APRIL
Provincial School Championships for Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumulanga, Northern Cape, North West, Western Cape
Board and Figure games
6 & 7 MAY
National Team Trials
Morabaraba and Wargames
HTS Witbank, Beyers Road, Witbank
19 & 20 MAY
CounterStrike: GO, DotA 2, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Overwatch
100 Jones Street,
Entrance in Betz Street,
27 & 28 MAY
16th MPUMALANGA Championships
Board games, Card games, eSports, wargames
HTS Witbank, Beyers Road, Witbank
27 MAY
HTS Witbank, Beyers Road, Witbank
3 & 4 JUNE
eSports National Team Trials
24 & 25 JUNE
14th FREE STATE Championships
Fakkel School, 20 Jan Smuts Ave., Sasolburg
Fezile Dabi Regional Championships
Checkers, Morabaraba,
Street Fighter V, MortalKombat X, Tekken and FIFA’17
JCS Private Centre
2 Tafelberg Street Vaalpark
Week ending
CounterStrike: GO, DotA 2, FIFA ‘17, HearthStone, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Tekken Tag Tournament II, VainGlory
29 & 30 JULY
SA School Championships
Board, Figure and eSports
5 & 6 AUGUST
23rd KWAZULU NATAL Championships
Maritzburg College
51 College Road, Pietermaritzburg
StarCraft II, Hearthstone
eSports (PC)
26 & 27 AUGUST
22nd WESTERN CAPE Championships
Indigenous Games
To be determined by SRSA
Week ending
1st round of School League for 3 term schools.
CounterStrike: GO, DotA 2, FIFA ‘17, HearthStone, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Tekken Tag Tournament II, VainGlory
Sedibeng Regional Championships
FIFA ‘17, Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat X, TEKKEN TAG II, StarCraft II, Checkers, Morabaraba
NWU Mind Sports Club, Vaal Triangle Campus
City of Johannesburg Championships
Sat. Morabaraba & StarCraft II
Sun. Ancients & FIFA
Blue Room
Old Edwardian Society
11 Ninth Ave
Lower Houghton
16th EASTERN CAPE Championships
FMJD’s International Women's Checkers World Championship
Hotel Euroopa, Tallinn, Estonia
28 & 29 OCTOBER
6th LIMPOPO Championships
Submit nominations of office-bearers
IeSF’s 9th World Championships - Busan
CounterStrike: GO, League of Legends (others still to be announced)
Busan Port Authority Convention Center, Busan, South Korea
30th S A NATIONAL Championships
Fakkel School, 20 Jan Smuts Ave., Sasolburg
Annual General Meeting
Fakkel School, 20 Jan Smuts Ave., Sasolburg
SRSA's S A Schools Championships
To be determined by SRSA


  1. International events still need to be included.
  2. Inter-Provincial events need to be included
  3. Inter-Regional events need to be included
  4. Club events need to be included
  5. Regional Championships need to be included.
  6. Free State is moved to earlier in the year.
  7. National Team Trials still need to be included